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List of Publications

  • Ruiz-Soler, A., Kabinejadian, F., Slevin, M.A., Bartolo, P.J. & Keshmiri, A. ‘Optimisation of a Novel Spiral-Inducing Bypass Graft Using Computational Fluid Dynamics’, Nature (Scientific Reports) 7:1865, 2017.

  • Kabinejadian, F., Ruiz-Soler, A., McElroy, M., Leo, H.L., Slevin, M., Badimon, L. & Keshmiri, A., ‘Numerical Assessment of Helical/Spiral Grafts to Improve the Hemodynamics of Distal Graft Anastomoses’, Plos One, Vol. 11 (11), 2016, 1-22.

  • Keshmiri, A., Ruiz-Soler, A., McElroy, M. & Kabinejadian, F., ‘Numerical Investigation on The Geometrical Effects of Novel Graft Designs for Peripheral Artery Bypass Surgery’, J. Procedia CIRP, Vol. 49, 2016, 147-152.

  • Winner of ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ Award – The Engineer/EPSRC          Sep 2017

  • Winner of ‘Young Mechanical Engineer of the Year’ – IMechE                  Apr 2015

TV/Radio Appearances

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